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Stackers: Precision through design and state-of-the-art laser cutting. J&R Plastics wooden stacker design is ahead of its time. It gives three dimensional puzzles a whole new meaning. Once the design is complete it is sent out to be laser cut. Laser cutting provides the precise tolerances that we require. The stacker magazine is then assembled like a puzzle, designed for strength and functionality.

For those who prefer aluminum stackers, we have implemented the same design principles as the wooden, but all components are CNC machined. All of our stackers are strong, precise, and with the inclusion of J&R's Delrin Stacker Hinges, extremely economical.
2D & 3D Molds
Pressure Boxes
Plug Assists
Cutting Anvils
Steel Rule Dies
Master Tooling
Sealer Tooling
Slug Removal
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