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Rear Clamp Assemblies: Over the years it has been our experience that custom thermoform tooling can run extremely well with only the rear sheet clamp, providing quicker setups while still producing high quality parts.

J&R Plastics has designed a rear clamp assembly that accommodates virtually any thickness mold. Setups could not be easier, simply insert the desired length pins, bolt to the mold base, plug in the air and you're ready to go.

The advantage of our rear clamp design over other designs is part replacement. As we all know, when setting up a run accidents may occur. Example; Overheating of the plastic. With other sheet clamp assemblies, failure due to an overheated sheet or melt down can prove to be extremely costly as it will likely result in air cylinder replacement. However, with J&R's design, simply replace a couple of pins and you're back up and running.
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