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Slug Removal Machine

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Slug Removal Machine
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Slug Removal Machine: J&R's Slug Removal System is designed to remove the die-cut hanger hole slugs/round hole slugs/knock-outs from the thermoformed sheet. The machine mounts to the thermoformers' chain rail assembly, between the trim and stacker stations, and is adjustable in both the X and Y directions for ease of set-up.

The upper and lower moving platens are each guided by four (4) guide rods and are powered by independent air cylinders. Job specific slug removal tooling is mounted directly to the moving platens with bolt-in mounting. When the platens are in the open position, the clear heights are 4" on the upper and 3" on the lower allowing ample room for the thermoformed parts to index through.

This unique Slug Removal System increases overall production efficiency by running in-line and eliminating the additional time and labor required to manually remove the slugs from the thermoformed parts. During operation, the slugs are deposited into the lower tooling box which can be easily removed for disposal of the slug scrap during roll changes or end of run.

Use of this assembly requires the following:
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