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Master Mold Bases

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Master Mold Bases
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Adjustable Mold Bases: J&R Plastics' master tooling goal is to enable the customer to truly use their mold bases as "Master" tooling. This means that it must accept your custom molds and pressure plates of varying lenths and widths with quick and easy mounting, while eliminating the need to build a complete platen ready assembly for each job.

Our gundrilled manifold system within the cooling plate produces rapid cooling transfer, while the large vacuum ports provide maximum air evacuation. The design not only supports tool size flexibility, but it also guarantees the highest quality formed parts.

The front and rear sheet clamps ensure secure clamping to eliminate both sheet pull back in the front and stealing of material from the oven. We also offer master mold bases with rear clamping only, leaving the front open for even easier loading of the tools.

Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority, therefore we engineer our tooling to make your job quick, easy, and most importantly, more profitable.
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